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Workout overload!

It’s easy to forget that we can overdo it when working out. You get in the gym groove, put your headphones on, and go crazy lifting weights or doing cardio. Many people will reach a plateau when it comes to gym progress. This is a good sign, that you may be overdoing it.

So how do you know if you are overdoing it? A good indicator may be that you seem to be getting sick more often. Or, as I said before, you have hit a progress plateau. Or you seem to be retaining a layer of fat on your abdomen.

When you work out excessively, the body will continuing releasing cortisol and will not be able to clear it properly. Excess cortisol will result in getting sick more often and fat gain. You may also notice that you are waking up in the middle of the night. It may express itself differently in different people. Cortisol is inflammatory and taxing on the immune system.

Now what constitutes working out excessively? Lifting weights, getting sore and then not waiting until you are not sore to lift again. When you tear your muscle apart during a heavy lifting workout, cortisol is produced. Waiting until the soreness goes away is your indicator that you are ready to lift again. (People do this and can still look great, but it may catch up with you after time because it is taxing on your insides.) Another huge problem, especially with females, is too much cardio. The longer your cardio session, the more muscle destroying cortisol you will produce. Exercise is NOT about calories in versus calories out. We are trying to be efficient at our exercise, so the less exercise to be the healthiest is the goal. Running for an hour on the treadmill every day is going to increase cortisol levels. Keep cardio down to under 30 minutes per session. This can be done every single day if you wish, however it doesn’t hurt to take a day off!

If you’re not at this gym obsessive point yet, remember that your body does need rest and honor that. It’s ok to not be the person who cannot skip a day of working out. It’s in your hormonal interest to be efficient. For more info check out Abs After 30 !

My love,

Dr. Kristin


What kind of exercise should you really be doing?

I go to the gym and 9 times out of 10 all the women are on the cardio equipment.  And I ask myself, why?

I am not in any way demonizing cardiovascular exercise.  I get on a bike or treadmill every time I go into the gym.  It’s great for the health of your heart and vasculature, among many other things.  What I want to know is where are all the women lifting weights?

Many of us in the gym are trying to lose weight or tone up.  The best way to do that is to lift weights!  What we need to think about in the gym is testosterone, a very important fat burning hormone.  In order to convert your body in to fat burning mode, testosterone needs to be increased.  As it is, women do not have very much testosterone, on average about 40-50mg/dL (men average between 200-1000mg/dL).  So don’t worry, it is nearly impossible to beef up in the gym from lifting weights.  We just don’t produce enough testosterone to do that.  (If you’re thinking about the female body builders out there, don’t bother.  Most likely, they’re taking supplemental testosterone, which is known to many as ‘steroids’.)

I know many of you are somewhat reserved when it comes to start lifting weights.  I want to put the bug out there.  Lifting weights will actually help you burn fat and lose that last bit of weight!  And don’t worry, muscles are sexy!

For a full detailed hormonally correct eating and exercise plan, check out my ebook Abs After 30.

My love,

Dr. Kristin