It’s all about your hormones baby…

There is an ever-increasing waistline problem infecting many parts of the globe…  So if you find yourself as part of that statistic, what do you do?

The scientific evidence we are being faced with is pointing directly to your hormones.  Yes, that’s right, your hormones.  That’s insulin, growth hormone, testosterone, cortisol, and estrogen to name a few.  These hormones are all responsible for the way your body utilizes fat.  In simpler terms, they dictate whether you store fat or burn fat.  This means if you’re looking for flatter abs or a smaller bum, you want to put your body in fat burning mode.

The hormone you are most interested in is insulin.  Insulin is the commander hormone.  If insulin levels are consistently high, growth hormone and testosterone levels begin to plummet.  You might be thinking, ‘why would i care about those hormones?’

Growth hormone is released from the pituitary gland in your brain and is responsible for tissue repair.  This means any time you hurt yourself or your body is under stress, growth hormone is the hero.  This is the hormone that is responsible for the invincible feeling when we are kids.  If insulin levels are always up, growth hormone drops.

If growth hormone levels fall, testosterone also falls.  This is the confusing one, because most women don’t think they have or want testosterone.  But, testosterone is a fat burning hormone!  So in terms of staying lean and fit, you WANT your testosterone levels to be normal (for a woman).

This all goes back to INSULIN.  So how do you control your insulin levels?  Diet.  Diet.  Diet.  Anything that your body sees as a sugar is going to raise your insulin.  Sugar, breads, pastas, cookies, cakes, soda are all seen by your body as sugar, with minimal nutrition.  Cutting these items out of your diet is going to curb your insulin levels and bring other hormones back into balance.

Truth behold, it’s not easy.  We have become used to many of these foods as being a normal part of our diets.  And they are also addicting.  A good indicator that you are hormonally addicted is if you just had a meal, and shortly later you are either feeling hungry again (even though you ate enough food) or you are craving something sweet.  Insulin levels have dropped, and your body wants to bring it back up.

You will definitely notice a difference when you decide to drop these nutritionally deficient and harmful foods.  Your abs and bum will thank you.

For a detailed hormonally correct eating and exercise plan, check out my ebook Abs After 30.

My love,

Dr. Kristin



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